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Are You Following Too Closely

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It Happens Every Day On Canadian Roads

One vehicle stops suddenly and the vehicle behind them locks up their brakes but can’t stop in time and – CRASH – two cars try to occupy the same space. In the eyes of the law, the second car that couldn’t stop in time is the one at fault in this completely avoidable collision scenario.

Drivers Are Not Keeping Safe Distance From Each Other

The reason is, drivers tend to follow each other too closely.

In some cases, it’s obvious: Tailgaters ride right up on the bumper of the vehicle in front of them, which something you should only see in a NASCAR race and not on the roads.

In some cases, it’s less obvious: Drivers might attempt to drive safely but still don’t leave sufficient room in front of the vehicles in front of them.

Driver Education used to teach that drivers who are following another vehicle should leave three vehicle lengths between then and the vehicle they are following. This advice, though, is difficult to follow when speeds change and a highway

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How to Care for your Freshly Painted Vehicle

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Tips To Take Care of Your Freshly Painted Vehicle

  1. Wash the vehicle by hand or a touchless car wash system, not a commercial brush or soft cloth system.

. Wash with cold water only in summer, in the shade, and with warm water in the winter. Do not use detergents or cleaners.

  1. Wipe off all waterspots with a soft clean cloth or chamois after a wash.
  2. Do not wax, polish, or apply any sealant products for at least 90 days.
  3. Keep the vehicle from unnecessary extremes of high and low temperatures.
  4. Do not park under trees or near industrial facilities with heavy fallout/smoke.
  5. Avoid driving over gravel roads.
  6. During winter months, have under fenders and hidden areas force pressure washed to remove road salts.
  7. Avoid scraping ice and snow from the painted surfaces, brush it off.
  8. Wipe off any antifreeze or windshield washer solution spills immediately.
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International courier UPS turns to Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles

Earlier this year, US-based international courier UPS announced that they are adding 167 vehicles that utilise Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to their delivery fleet. 25 of these vehicles will operate in Dallas, Texas, 42 will be deployed in Atlanta, Georgia, and 100 will provide services in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Ontario, Fresno and San Ramon, all in California. These CNG trucks are part of the innovative global alternative fuel strategy of UPS, designed to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and become more independent from fossil fuels.

UPS’s new delivery trucks will join their fleet of 800 CNG vehicles, which, however, were converted from traditional diesel and gasoline trucks nearly 30 years ago. But UPS is not the only company to do so. In their attempt to offer an affordable service and reduce their carbon footprint, many cheap international couriers have turned to alternative fuel engines that are more cost-effective and produce far less emissions than normal gasoline or diesel vehicles. This allows them to promote their parcel delivery to USA services as green to clients, whist lowering their operational costs. This is a win – win situation for the adoption of new technology that helps the earth and is economically

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The Challenges of Driving During The Day or Night

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  • During the day, we might be blinded by the sun
  • During the night, we might not see very well even if our vehicle’s headlights are illuminating the path

The Challenges of Driving At Dusk

One time of day we don’t think about is dusk. Unfortunately, dusk is a very difficult time to drive. Here are five top tips to drive at dusk:

  1. Be aware of the quickly changing light conditions. One moment might be extremely sunny so we are forced to wear sunglasses, but within moments, the sun can darken and our sunglasses end up doing more harm than good. If we don’t have sunglasses, be aware that the rapidly changing light conditions can be very difficult on our eyes (which have a hard time adjusting to those fast-changing conditions). There isn’t a lot you can do about it but awareness helps.
  2. Be aware of the setting sun. Have you ever had momentary blindness after a camera has flashed? The same thing can happen if we look into the sun while. This can happen if we are driving west during sunset or if we are driving
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The Four Personalities You Meet on the Road

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When driving, it’s so easy to forget about the other drivers out there and just to focus on what our vehicle is doing and where we need to go. We share the road with many other people who are all hurtling down the asphalt in glass-and-steel contraptions at dangerously high speeds.

If you want to be a safer driver, be aware of the four kinds of personalities on the road

Chances are, you’ll recognize yourself as one of these personalities and — more importantly — you’ll spot these personalities among other drivers. Knowing how you and everyone else reacts can help you predict and avoid collisions.

The timid driver

The timid driver is the one who drives slower than the speed limit and sometimes brakes without warning on what appears to be a clear road. They can slow sooner than most on an approach to intersections and they are likely very slow to start off again when the light turns green. They appear to be easily startled by driving conditions

How to drive around these drivers: Give them lots of space if you’re driving behind them because

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Mercedes AMG GT S – An exciting performance car

 Mercedes AMG GT S is launched to fill the gap that previous versions of car were unable to perform. This famous car will make use of the powerful engine and some extra specifications that can help to deliver world class performance in short period of time.

It is not enough to have a view of the car in just images; it will surely blow up your mind when you are going to see it on your naked eyes. The look, performance, safety and the security are well enhanced in one single car. You can hardly find out any feature that you do not like.

 Power engine

Engine is always the main part of the car that can provide the right kind of performance. All cars are categorized by the type of engine and the power they generate to drive the car. The Mercedes AMG GT S is provided with a 4.0 liter engine that has good capacity to produce huge power.

This engine has twin turbo feature with V8 specifications. You can definitely attain the speed of 100km/h within just 3.8 seconds. The engine is lubricated with the help of a dry sump as

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Avoid Bad Debt Loans Ranking List

Borrowing in a bank and it is difficult to pay it off is going to be a new problem. If we get a bad credit when borrowing in a bank, it could be a great possibility if we get listed  as stated on badcreditloansranking. Banks usually give five criteria that must be met a prospective borrower so that they believe that these loans will not be problematic in the future. 5 criteria are character prospective borrower, the borrower’s capacity, and collateral, the condition of the borrower, and the capital or the value of investments you have. The five criteria is to be asked and judged by the creditor in order to become their guarantee to lend you the amount of funds that you have requested.

As good borrowers, you should comply with the mortgage payments each month on time and also to lighten your load in the future. If the delay of payments made, then the interest charged could be heavier and will weigh heavily on you. Log in to the block list bank is a nightmare in your economy. You will not get any bank loan in your name. Then, what is the impact? If the economy is healthy,

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Buying a Quality Used Car on a Budget

If you are on a tight budget, hate to spend a lot on cars, or simply want to minimize your insurance costs, then this article is for you. When most people think of buying a car on a budget, they think either of buying used or of leasing a cheap vehicle. While those are both options to consider, purchasing an affordable new car may also be agood option.

Why Buy New

There are a few reasons that buying a new car may be the best option. First, you want to think of your budget in terms of monthly expenses and not overall costs. In many cases, interest rates charged on loans for new cars are significantly lower than those for used cars because they are backed by larger banks or the manufacturer itself. You may end up paying less per month for a new car than for a used car, though the overall price will be higher. If your goal is to get good transportation on a limited monthly budget, the new car may make more sense.

The other reason to buy new, at least financially, is fuel cost. You’ll need to do the calculation

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Boat Batteries Are Available in All Types, Sizes and Price Ranges

Boating is a very popular and fun activity, and is enjoyed by thousands of people each and every year. There are a lot of things to do in order to get ready to go boating, and one of these things is to make sure everything on the boat is operating properly. Boats need a lot of work and attention to operate the way they should. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, items is the battery itself. Boat and caravan batteries come in all sizes and types, but finding the right one for your boat doesn’t have to be complicated. Today there are websites specifically devoted to batteries of all types, including boat batteries, so finding the one you need is simple, fast, and convenient.

Offering a Boat Battery for Everyone

Online companies that offer boat batteries often have a better selection than regular brick-and-mortar stores, and the prices are often lower as well. Rather than having a middle man, many of these sites offer products directly from the manufacturer, so the prices are very reasonable. Although other characteristics may vary, most boat batteries are 12-volt batteries, and they usually range in price from £47

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Trading in my vehicle or selling it on my own

Trading in my vehicle or selling it on my own

When it comes time to think about a new vehicle a big question we all ask ourselves, what is mine worth? How can I get the most value for my trade-in?

This article will help you navigate these rocky shores to get the most you can for your trade-in. Here are some simple steps to follow to maximize your value whether selling on your own car or trading at the dealership:

  • Have your vehicle professionally detailed. Get the stains out of the carpets; get the old girl as close to new as possible. Appraisers love a clean car. If you take a vehicle in trashed out expect to get trashed out value!
  • Check engine lights. If you have a check engine light on find out what it is. Normally these are simple things to fix but will deduct in a huge way during an appraisal process.

Next big question is selling it yourself or trading it in at the dealership.

Selling your car yourself


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The Most Common Issues in Your Car

Keeping your car in optimal working conditions is vital, especially if you have to drive for long distances. Your car is basically a collection of different systems that are neatly installed in place. These systems work with each other in order to drive the wheels forward whenever you put the pedal to the metal.

Like any other machine, your car also requires regular maintenance. It’s always best to determine an issue beforehand, rather than being stuck on the road with a car that just won’t start. Here are some of the most common problems that car owners experience:

Radiator Leaks

The radiator of your car is generally installed right behind the front grille. Water runs through the radiator, and it plays a vital role in keeping the temperatures under the hood in control. The radiator generally has cooling coils in the center, and water tends to run around the sides through the pipes, thus cooling the engine and regulating the temperature.

However, due to the intense heat in Dubai, your radiator is likely to start leaking after a while. Rust and corrosion can lead to leakages within a few short years. Ideally, you should get your whole radiator serviced once a year. That way,

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Genuine OEM Car Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

When your car needs repairs, do you take it to the official dealership, or to an independent garage?

Going independent can often be cheaper, but is it worth it? Independent garages usually use what are known as ‘aftermarket’ car parts, whereas at an official dealership you’ll get genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts.

So what’s the difference, and which is better?


Aftermarket parts are ones which are not sourced from the vehicle’s manufacturer. The majority of garages will use aftermarket parts as they’re cheaper to produce.

Of course this is great from a customer’s point of view, but do remember that price and quality are usually linked, and if a price seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

The reason some parts are so cheap is because they’re made using inferior materials, and it’s not worth taking a chance over.

There’s also usually a very wide range of brands and parts when you choose to go aftermarket.

While this is an advantage in a way because it gives you more choice, if you’re not clued up on this kind of thing, then it could be a

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Logistics: Five Ways to Improve Your Business

When transporting your goods and products from one location to another, many things must be in place for the process to run smoothly and efficiently. Most importantly, this includes using reliable transportation and effective logistics methods so that from Point A to Point B, everything will go as planned. Whether you are transporting large products such as furniture and computer equipment or smaller packaged items, the process should be able to operate in a timely manner and without any incidents. Fortunately, there are steps the average business owner can take in order for everything to come together as it should.

  1. Communicate on a Regular Basis. The entire logistics process becomes much simpler if the company in charge remains in constant contact with everyone from the wholesaler to the purchaser, and this includes the truck drivers and dispatchers as well. Regardless of where you are in the chain of events, it is imperative that everyone involved remain in constant contact so if there are any problems or concerns, they can be addressed immediately before they get out of hand. This is also a good way to make sure there are no delays in the process.
  2. Try to Figure Out
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5 Things You Should Know about Owning a Used Luxury Car

You should understand that there is a great difference between the idea of being thrifty and cheap. The first means saving money reasonably and at the same time not limiting yourself to everything. The latter case is asking for leftovers in the restaurant or using a teabag more than once. So if you understand the difference between these two notions than you will understand five points of owning a luxury car and the benefits you can get from it.

5. It is way cheaper than you could have imagined

In this point we address the prices for used vehicles considered to be of a luxury piece of possession. Undoubtedly, TV and commercials say that shiny things are the best ones and we instantly want to get one. However, when coming to a store we see hundreds of dollars and disappointed go back home with nothing. If you want to have a luxury car you will, just check this page with Mercedes Benz or Toyota Corolla options and you will see affordable

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The Volkswagen Emissions Issue: The Latest

Industry giant Volkswagen has only itself to blame for the adverse publicity it has received in recent months.

Misleading the Public

By intentionally programming up to 11 million of their diesel driven cars between 2009 and 2015 worldwide to emit up to 40 times more nitrogen oxide than is legally acceptable, VW caused a huge scandal as it broke the laws pertaining to what emissions are allowed. Nitrogen oxide is a smog forming substance that could lead to lung cancer, experts warn. The facts surfaced during tests conducted in the US.

In the US alone it was found that up to 500,000 vehicles were affected, and those included the Audi A3, Beetle, Passat, Golf, Jetta and Porsche Cayenne. The scandal surfaced in the US in 2014 and a notice of violation of the Clean Air Act was issued to VW on 18 September 2015. Since then investigations have been carried out all over the globe and may prove to really put VW on the spot as politicians, governments and owners are looking at their options.  Although the company initially denied any intention on their part to mislead the public and authorities, they did, however, later

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Is It More Dangerous to Drive Today

Is It Safer To Drive A Vehicle Today?

With all the modern advancements in safety technology, it might seem like it should be safer for us to drive today than ever

When cars were first invented, they were such a novelty that only a few people had them and everyone approached them with caution. You couldn’t go very fast in them and they weren’t completely covered against the elements.

Today, vehicles are everywhere. Families have more than one vehicle. Vehicles go faster and are safer than ever before.

That Doesn’t Necessarily Make It Safer To Drive

  • We have more and more people using the same number of roads. Therefore, roads are more congested and that congestion can lead to collisions
  • Because of the congestion, roads are also deteriorating at a faster rate, which can lead to collisions as well
  • Modern “safer” vehicles give us a false sense of security. We no longer have the sense of speed or danger that might compel us to drive cautiously because we are comfortably ensconced in a very safe vehicle
  • Life is busier and more stressful than ever before. Everyone has a million places to be and a million things
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Warning As Vehicles Get Safer We Get Unsafer

Times Have Changed!

Years ago, driving was a privilege enjoyed only by a few people who could afford it. Vehicles were more like open air buggies. They didn’t go very fast and you were exposed to the elements. Drivers drove safely because vehicles were such a novelty and they didn’t want to get bugs in their teeth or spook the horses that they shared the road with.

Today, things have changed

Roads are paved. We don’t share the road with horses. Vehicles are enclosed, much faster and built to be safer.

But is it making us unsafe when we drive?

Since vehicles are enclosed and built to be virtually soundproof, we can drive very fast without realizing it. We don’t experience the feeling of speed because we are safely cocooned inside our quiet, smooth vehicle. (Compare that to our great grandparents who drove slowly because they would feel like they were driving in a windtunnel if they went too fast).

Today’s wonderfully modern vehicles make driving comfortable, safer and more enjoyable. But they keep us from fully appreciating the breakneck speeds that we travel. We feel confident that the innumerable safety features

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How to Pass Safely

How To Adjust To Other Drivers On The Road

If you were the only vehicle on the road, you could drive as fast as you wanted and not have to worry about other people. But you’re not. You have to share the road with other people who choose to go a different speed than you. At times, you’ll need to pass other drivers.

Here Is How To Pass A Vehicle Safely

Passing is a huge cause of some of the worst collisions because they are head-on collisions.

  1. When deciding to pass, check your speed versus the vehicle in front of you. You will need to accelerate at least 10 to 20 kilometres an hour faster to get around the car in front of you quickly – you do not want to be in the opposite lane for very long
  2. Check the vehhicles around you. Do you have vehicles behind you? Make sure they have not decided to pass as well. They might be in your blindspot as you pull out. Being aware of those vehicles behind you and their speed is important
  3. Check the yellow line in the middle of the road. Is it dotted or
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Top Reasons Why Your Vehicle Won t Start

There’s Nothing Like That Sinking Feeling When You Turn The Key In The Ignition and Nothing Happens

Since a vehicle is a big group of complicated systems — with each one connected to several other systems — it can be daunting to know where to start. Fortunately, there are a few common reasons and these are a good place to start.

Here Are A Few Of The Top Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Immobilizer. Many vehicles are equipped with immobilizer devices and those devices are engaged and disengaged through computer chips embedded in the key or a key fob. Unfortunately, those chips aren’t always durable when they’re jammed into your pocket with your cellphone, chewing gum, and coins. Check to make sure the immobilizer light isn’t flashing.

Fuel. You have enough fuel in the vehicle, right? And it’s not in a big pool under the vehicle, right? That might seem like a silly question to ask but it’s a good first place to check. If you’ve tried starting the vehicle and you smell fuel — but there isn’t any under the vehicle — it’s possible that the engine has been flooded (by inadvertently pressing

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What s the Difference between Financing and Leasing a Vehicle and which one is Right for You

To Finance Or Lease?

If you are thinking about getting a new vehicle, one of the things you’ll need to consider is whether you want to finance your vehicle or lease it.


Financing your vehicle is where you borrow the money to buy it. You pay regular payments to the lending company. Leasing your vehicle is where you borrow the vehicle and pay regular payments to the company lending it to you.

With financing, you own the car. If you cannot make payments, the lending company will repossess the car to try and sell it and recoup what they couldn’t collect from you. With leasing, the dealership owns the car. If you cannot make payments, the dealership will repossess the car to try and recoup what they couldn’t collect from you.

The key difference between the two is who owns the car. This difference will have an impact on how you drive the car and what you do with the car at the end of the loan period.


With financing, you own the vehicle. When the loan is over, you own the vehicle “free and clear” and can continue

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Several Ways to Preserve and Improve the Value of Your Vehicle

How Quicky Do Vehicles Lose Their Value?

It’s said that vehicles lose half their value the moment you drive them off of the lot. While that might be an anecdotal estimate at best, the truth is that cars devalue every time the odometer clicks past another number.

Managing Your Vehicle’s Depreciation To Minimize Loss Over Time

Just because your car will constantly depreciate doesn’t mean that you can’t manage its depreciation and help to minimize the loss of value over time. Here are some tips to do that effectively.

  • Keep the inside of your vehicle clean. You probably keep the cup holders wiped clean of coffee rings, but a key area where cars can deteriorate on the inside is completely unseen: Carpets in the foot-wells build up with dirt and debris. It’s often wet and it tends to get ground into the carpet, damaging the carpet fibres and the deteriorating the metal below. Rubber floor mats help but vacuuming out your interior regularly will significantly preserve the floor of your vehicle
  • Keep the engine tuned. This might seem like a “no brainer” but the cost of not doing it is even higher than
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How to Organize a Local Car Show

Benefits of a Local Car Show

Local car shows are a great way to get people together who share a common appreciation for vehicles. Car shows are also good for business and they can help to raise money for charity. If you run a business or want to raise money for a good cause, here are some tips to help you organize a local car show.

Tips for Organzing Local Car Show

  • Decide on a theme. Do you want a classic car show? Do you want a motorcycle show instead? Do you want an antique car show? Or maybe just a general car show that auto enthusiasts of any type can participate in?
  • Gauge interest. Talk to potential participants to see if they are interested in taking part. Check a calendar of local events to make sure that there aren’t other car shows at the same time.
  • Choose a charity or local cause to raise money. You’ll also need to decide how to raise support — will you charge admission? Will you hold a raffle? Will you take donations? Remember, it doesn’t have to be financial support; your local food bank will probably welcome donations of canned
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